TAYLOR LED CCT3 Selectable

The new Robus TAYLOR dimmable LED downlight is the natural evolution of the IMPACT range allowing the installer to choose the Colour Temperature (CCT) depending on the installations lighting requirements. With selectable CCT’s of warm, neutral or daylight white and opal diffuser, it provides a low glare, uniform and shadow free light. 


    • Robus 3 Year Warranty
    • Complete downlight kit:
      • Complete with slim, white and brushed chrome bezels
      • Pre-wired with 0.25m of flex and push-in spring terminal connector block with integral cable clamp facility
    • Matching extension trims for larger existing cut-outs
    • High efficiency Polycarbonate opal diffuser
    • Plastic-coated die cast aluminium housing
    • Utilises 44 high quality Nationstar SMD LED’s:
      • High luminous flux
      • Low power consumption
      • High efficacy
      • Long life


    • Everything is included in one box with nothing else required
      • Neat aesthetic with choice of trim colour to match décor
      • Fast & simple connection, retains permanent conductor pressure, alleviating hotspots which often result in failure
    • Creates an alternative angular aesthetic
    • Great for retro-fit. Covers existing holes of 78mm - 116mm diameter
    • Reduces glare for greater eye comfort and best light transmission
    • High conductance material for excellent thermal management contributes to long LED and driver component life
    • Greater light output than mains halogen - reduced number of fittings
    • Ideal retro-fit to provide more light
    • Makes energy savings of over 85% compared to halogen
    • Provides up to 93 lumens for every watt used, so very efficient
    • No maintenance or annoying dark areas where lamps have failed

Application Areas:

  • Domestic dining, living, bathroom and bedroom spaces
  • Hotel & Office reception areas
  • Shops and other retail premises
  • Pubs, clubs and restaurants
  • Complimentary lighting in meeting/function rooms


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