Studio CCT3 Dimmable LED Downlight

The STUDIO range of downlights offer a versatile solution for any installation requirement. Utilising the latest SMD LEDs with DriverOnBoard technology, this slim downlight (only 15mm!) is capable of either wall or ceiling mounting; recessed or surface mounted. The unique variable width recessed spring system allows for recessing into cut-outs from 55mm to 250mm making retrofitting easy. CCT selectable and dimmable plus seismic restraint as standard, the STUDIO ticks all the boxes.


    • White polycarbonate body provides strength and durability with a neat aesthetic. An opal polystyrene diffuser helps reduce glare and eye discomfort
    • Shallow 15mm body is ideal for surface mounting in narrow areas or places with low ceilings or roof space. Does not intrude into the lit space
    • Unique installation system comprising universal mounting bracket with pre-punched fixing screw holes and notched & numbered width idents for spring sliders allows this range of fittings to be recessed or surface mounted into existing
    • cut-outs of between 55mm and 250mm. Existing cut-out holes can be covered easily without need for repairs
    • Bracket end has a hole to locate onto slot lug as the body is pushed onto the bracket, providing a push and lock action of the fitting to bracket to ensure it is securely installed
    • Pre-wired with 800mm flex and plug, ready for fast and safe electrical installation
    • Seismic restraint offers peace of mind that fitting won’t come free from ceiling in the event of seismic activity
    • Complete range of STUDIO downlights for any installation requirement with a variety of wattages and cut-out diameters – choose from 12W (55mm – 125mm), 18W (55mm – 175mm) or 24W (60mm – 250mm)
    • CCT3 Selectable 3000K / 4000K /6500K and dimmable as standard. CCT can be set via switch on the back of the fitting
    • CRI of 80 provides clear light quality with accurate reproduction of colours
    • High quality DriverOnBoard constant current driver provides accurate drive current and voltage for optimum lighting performance with enhanced LED and driver life
    • Solid state technology allows for switching of the fitting by sensors without detriment to life. Fitting has no heat filaments or electrodes which can prematurely fail through vibration
    • High quality LM80 tested SMD LEDs are used providing great light output at a fraction of the power consumption of traditional light sources
    • LED rated life projected using industry recognised LM80 testing and TM21 extrapolation methods, proving the longevity of this fitting


  • Residential and Commercial
  • Retail Shops
  • Small Offices
  • Hotel Reception Areas
  • Store Rooms
  • Retirement Homes & Care Accommodation
  • Residential or Commercial installations
  • Bars & Clubs
  • Restaurants/ Café’s


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